Bring on the rain!

And as the race director counted down from five, a little rain started to fall. Nothing like a blustery day for a race!
It wasn’t so bad running in the rain because it never rained more than a steady drizzle- so it was tolerable.

The five-mile course for the North Coast Challenge is the best I’ve run thus far. A smooth, flat course with a nice two miles through the metropark. The run through the park was so pleasant and is where I really picked up my pace. Definitely where I was able to focus and just run out hard. I felt good as I passed runners who looked as if they have run a lot longer and more races than me. I crossed the finish line at 53:10. I felt so amazing crossing that line.
As I was walking back to my car to fetch my things, an older gentleman who I passed on the trail through the park congratulated me and told me good pace and that he knew I had it. That made me feel good because he seemed to be a seasoned runner and most people here didn’t come across too friendly (but it’s Westlake and I wouldn’t expect anything less).

Before this race I was really worried because I knew this was a fast race (course record for men is 22 minutes) and the top prize for first male and female finisher is $1000. So I knew this was a serious race. Plus the man who was trying to give me my race shirt before the race kept saying the shirts run real small, not made in this country, basically wanting to give me an XL shirt. I thought to myself ” mister I’m wearing and oversized jacket, I’m not that big.”. I took a large just to be on the safe side, but registered for a medium. Definitely not the best thing for me to get in my head before a race, but I knew I couldn’t let it affect my game.

As I am sitting in my car munching in grapes and listening to the pitter-patter of the rain fall on my car, I’m debating in whether or not to stick around for the awards or just head home to eat breakfast, shower and relax before work this afternoon.

Yes, after all this excitement this morning, I still have to work.

So bring on the rain!


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