Runner v Food

There is the hit show on Travel Channel Man v Food. While it’s my favorite show to watch, I don’t know how the host consumes so much food in one sitting. Now, I’m not out to conquer any extreme food challenges that will put me at risk for a heart attack. I’m just out to conquer my personal battle with food.

I’ve had to modify my training schedule this week because I will be going out of town on Sunday. Sundays are reserved fort weekly long run. But this week my long run will be Saturday- 8 miles. So today instead of resting I hit the gym doing a little bit of cardio and some strength training. I felt good after getting in my workout today, but not so good after I had lunch. Since today is pay day and I got to go into work an hour later, I decided to treat myself to a soup and salad lunch at Olive Garden. Soup and salad, doesn’t sound all that unhealthy, right? Well after looking up all the calories for my one bowl of minestrone soup, salad, and two breadsticks on my Lose it! app, my “healthy” lunch came in at almost 1000 calories! The soup was only 100 calories, but the salad an breadsticks were the killers. Now, I know runners are suppose to “carb up” the day before a big run, but I couldn’t help but feel guilty for my lunch indulgence. Then to make matters worse, between football games this evening my tummy was rumbling and I needed a quick fix before shooting my second game. Wendy’s chicken sandwich and small fries. Boom! Okay, just really carbing up for tomorrow’s run.

I just feel so bad because I’ve been doing so well the past two weeks and have dropped some more Lbs, putting me in a new weight range. Plus, I bought a new pair of size 12 jeans from American Eagle with a new, smaller belt.

I know this one day won’t totally bring me down. Just have to make sure this runner continues to win the war over food, keeping the good stuff at bay and the bad stuff away.

Food may have won the battle today, but in the end Runner will win the war!


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