So close i can taste it!

Last Saturday morning I ran 8.47 miles with my friend Lori. It was a glorious fall-like morning and perfect fir a long run! Without Lori running by my side and providing me with someone to talk to, our hour and a half run would have seemed twice as long and probably more challenging. But, after our run I realized that I just ran more than half of my big race distance. After feeling like I could have run longer, I became confident that I will be able to finish my half marathon race with no problem.

The following day after my long run, I went home to Indiana to visit some family. And boy, all I felt like I did was eat. Out for breakfast with my mom, then to my cousin’s going away party where there was more food and then had an early dinner with my dad and step mom. So more food. By six pm I felt like I was gonna pop! And thus why I could never move back home! Lol. I would gain ten pounds in two weeks! (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a wee bit, but still would pack on the lbs)

I felt much better yesterday when I got back to Ohio and went on a two-hour walk with a friend through the beautiful Rocky River Reservation!

I’m going to be busy from now until my race with my friend’s wedding activities, work and finishing editing party photos, I need to make sure I keep on track with my training and not slack off by sleeping late during the week and skipping out on weekday training. It will just make the long runs that much harder. Plus, I feel when I do my work out, my food choices are poor and I tend to eat more.

I’ve worked my behind off for the past eight weeks and don’t need to blow it now in the last four weeks of training. I want to cross that finish line with my hands held high like Rocky and not barely moving.

I’m so close to crossing that finish line I can taste it!

8 weeks complete. 4 more to go!


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