Its all a mental game from here

After my post from yesterday and talking with a few people who are close to me, I have put aside all the negativity and am just working hard to finish this whole thing strong. My best friend put it to me the best- this is suppose to be fun for me and I shouldn’t get stressed out about it. And as for all those other people who don’t care and support what I’m doing, screw them.

She’s exactly right. Screw all of the people out there who think I’m crazy and don’t think I can do this. Because guess what, I’m doing this and will finish strong!

With that said, I’m now two weeks and counting until the big day!

Today I conquered my longest run on my training schedule: 10 miles.

I was only suppose to run nine, but after running nine miles last week I knew I could push through and pound out 10. It wasn’t easy the last two miles, but I conquered feat. The thing that got me through the last mile was a song on my playlist that helped me refocus.

“The Climb” by Miley Cyrus came on about a half mile from the end of my run. I began singing the song to myself, reminding me that this whole journey is not about how fast I get to the finish line and just finishing the race, its about “the climb” and what I have learned about myself through this journey. As cheesy as it all may sound, it actually helped and I was able to pound out the rest of the run and felt such a sense of accomplishment finishing my longest run to date.

I’ve completed the hardest part of my journey-running a full 10 miles. Now the rest is just a 5k to the finish line.

Its all a mental game from here. And its a game I will win!


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