One week later

Today, I ran for the first time since I ran 13.1 on 10.10.10.

Boy, I was great! A crisp, sunny autumn morning was the perfect setting to hit the ground running again. It was so nice to run just to run without having to run a specific distance in a training session. I ran 3 miles allowing the music to run through me and set my pace of the run.

Last week it was so hard not to run, especially the first day I went to the gym and saw others running on the treadmill. But, still being in such a fantastic mood and mindset post race, I four enjoyment in other forms of exercise. I even found love in a new exercise.


I had downloaded Yogamazing podcasts from iTunes onto my phone and figured I could do yoga anytime I felt like it. I did yoga three days last week. I especially love the Root Chakra yoga podcast because it’s relaxing, slow paced and allows me to clear my mind and unwind from my day. It is definitely something I am going to continue as I keep running to help with stretching, strength and flexibility.

So I bet you all are wondering what is next for me in regards to my running. Well, I still plan to keep up with running. I am going to run the Turkey Troy 5-mile race in Cleveland on Thanksgiving with Lori (yay! Finally get to run a race together) and possibly my room mate and nick.
After the turkey trot, I will begin training for a marathon next year.

Yes, I said a marathon.

26.2 miles.

I want to run a marathon in a big city where I can take a couple days off from work, enjoy a new city and run a race with several thousand people. I’m thinking Chicago, Saint Louis, Vegas or Detroit would be my fall marathon to run. I am still toying with the idea of running the full marathon in Cleveland in May. However, I may just retrain for a half marathon and do that in Cleveland in May, and begin training for a marathon for the fall. I’ve still got about a month to decide what I want to do before I would need to begin the 18-week training program for the marathon.

So, I’m am fully addicted to running. There is something about the natural high you get from completing a race- pushing yourself physically and mentally to limits you didn’t know existed within you.

I run….
So I can eat
Because it’s cheaper than therapy
To be fit
To prevent boredom
Because I just felt like running
Because it gives me energy
To burn energy
Because it takes all I got, but gives
back so much more

But primarily,

I run because I can.


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