Nothing like a little friendly smack talk to fuel your fire

So yesterday afternoon as I walked into the newsroom and began putting things at my desk and getting ready to start editing my photos from my day, the managing editor comes over and starts telling me how the sports editor was talking about how he is going to beat me in the Cleveland (half) marathon in May.
I must say I was slightly shocked by this, even though I know he was kidding. Several of us had run our paper’s inaugural 5k race last summer, and at that point I was training for my first half, I never boasted how I would be able to beat anyone, mainly because I knew my 5k time was still pretty slow (I PRed then in the Journal Jog at 32 minutes. I have since then shaved off two minutes from my 5k time). But, back to the newsroom chatter. I played it off like I don’t care if he beats me, I’m not running it to beat anyone except my own PR for a half. Then my ME proceeded to tell me that he said he could beat me just because he was a guy. Really? Just because you have an appendage between your legs doesn’t automatically constitute you a winner in anything. But whatever. I simply told him that the one thing I have over him going into this race is another half marathon race under my belt already. Which, yes, means that I capable of running 13.1 miles, but doesn’t mean that he won’t beat me.
Now, I’m not a super competitive person by nature. But I took his smack talk and used it in my favor last night at the gym. Got in a 50 min spin class followed by a 4-mile run on the treadmill (aka the dreadmill). I was tired after pushing myself through an almost 2-hour workout, but felt great and knew it was only going to help me reach my goals.

So thank you, Colin, for adding fuel to my fire of motivation.

I’ll be waiting for you at the finish line May 15th. 😉


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