Ode to healthy eating

Breakfast: Sliced banana and blueberries over Cheerios and skim milk.

Lunch: Lemon pepper grilled salmon, garden rotini and steamed broccoli.

Eating well on a consistent basis for me is and has been a challenge. My main issue is that I’m addicted to sugar and have a hard time just having a little bit of something sweet. I tend to indulge and eat until the bag of sour patch kids or twizzlers are gone. A bad habit I have come to learn as an adult that I got from my dad since he does the same thing.
I have come to learn that while training for my races it is important to not only keep up on my training, but also eat healthy and sensibly. Not only to promote weight loss, but to fuel my body with the proper nutrients it needs to get me through all the miles. I know every now and then it is okay to enjoy something I really enjoy, but I tend to feel guilty, especially when I’ve been doing well. I have to remind myself that enjoying a little something that I love will curb a craving and not to starve my craving causing me to break in a moment of stress or weakness, over-indulging.

After stepping on the scale and seeing a number I haven’t seen in a while, I have set a short term goal for myself to lose 8 lbs by my next dr appt on March 28th. Eight pounds in a little over a month is an attainable goal. Just have to stick with my new wave of healthy eating and pushing myself to the max during every workout.

Here’s to minus eight pounds, and hopefully shaving time off my runs and minus one pant size too!


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