Now this is (self) love

A healthy, home-cooked dinner for one on Valentine’s Day! Lemon peppercorn grilled chicken, fresh steamed broccoli, and a spinach and tomato salad with crushed walnuts and a little raspberry vinegarette dressing.

I am on my second week of eating healthy, fresh meals with smart snacks between meals and skipping out on the ‘crack’ (aka candy). It wasn’t easy and my mind was screaming at me for some sugar lovin’, but I did my best to resist. Okay, so maybe I had some Twizzlers at a girls basketball game, but sue me, I needed something to munch on before the game and to curb my hunger until I could have dinner. Eating well combined with pushing myself in my workouts last week resulted in major confidence and feeling good about myself. Gotta love endorphins! 🙂

So on this Valentine’s day I will not stuff my face with candy and other garbage because I don’t have a Valentine (although it was really tempting to order pizza from lorenzo’s for lunch today because my room mate’s leftovers would stare me in the face every time I opened the fridge), I am going to show myself some love and fuel my body with healthy and nutritious goodness!

Here’s to week two of healthy eating and ass-kicking work outs!



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