Today, I made it official….

I signed up for the 36th annual Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C. on Oct. 30th.

I’m now all in it after dropping some serious coin to register ($90 to be exact). But I know the money will be a small price and well worth it when I run past a line of active duty US Marines and cross the finish line and have the finisher’s medal placed around my neck. I will be apart of the club- the 26.2 mile club. I will be able to sport the 26.2 oval magnet on the back of my car proudly.

The one thing that I was nervous about registering for the race was having to put down an estimated finish time. Um, yeah. How about I have no idea? I know they probably do this to judge how many runners will be in each pace group. But really, eight months prior to my first marathon, you want me to estimate how long it will take me to run 26.2 miles?! My goal is just to finish the race and finish it running. But, having to include a time, I, eight months out, set a preliminary goal of finishing 26.2 miles in under 5 hours. 4:50 to be exact. Do I think I’m crazy for shooting kind of low? Um, DUH! I finished my first half in 2:28. If I double that, it comes in right around 5 hours . 6 hours (I suck at math, thus why I’m a journalist.) But, by the time I run this race, I will have 3 halfs under my belts and hundreds of miles in training. But that doesn’t mean a lick when it comes to race day. It will depend on the weather, the course, how my body is feeling race day, mental game, and hoping I don’t encounter any injuries along with way. So much plays into how you perform in a race. Yes, I have slowly been getting faster by running with others whose pace is faster than mine, but that is still seems like a far-fetch time to aim for. Oh well, this is all about the journey and what I learn about along the way. So go big or go home!

I can’t wait to run with more than 40,000 people through the historic streets of DC in the 5th largest marathon in the country, 9th in the world-dubbed “The People’s Marathon.”



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