Two months jammed packed into one super-sized post

I haven’t updated since I registered for the Marine Corps Marathon at the end of the end of February. Lots of things have happened since then.

I have began dating someone. Well, not just anyone. His name is Aaron and is definitely the best guy I’ve met in a long time. I think he’s a keeper. 🙂

My training for my second half marathon (Rite-Aid Cleveland Marathon) is quickly winding down, 15 days until zero hour. And while this training has been a rough one (nasty winter weather, battling illness, nasty winter weather that wouldn’t go away), I’ve managed to get my miles in and should be a go come May 15. Whether the race will be as pretty as the first, that is yet to be determined. My goal is to beat my first half time of 2:28-we’ll see if I can push it out.

Ran my first ever Hermes Cleveland 10-miler. The weather was amazing. The course was amazing.

My race friends were amazing.

My mind-set, not so amazing. But my time, was kind of amazing: 1:50.  But I definitely kicked my butt, deserving the shirt that reads “Run like a God” on the back.

But the biggest thing that has happened in these last two months-ish. I’ve put on some lbs.

Like 6.5 lbs.

While that’s not a TON, it feels like it and it makes me hang my head in shame. Proving like a couple of other runners I know, it is possible to train for a big race and gain weight. How does that happen one asks? Its called slacking MAJORLY on your eating habits and thinking because you’re running several times a week you can eat whatever you please, and lots of it.


In fact, you can’t. You still have to burn more calories than you take in. Simple science really. It is tough to lose a significant amount of weight when you are in training mode because your body is in need of fuel (food). I’ve just not been smart about it. Call it being happy, comfortable and invincible to packing on the lbs., but I CAN’T eat whatever I want whenever and still expect to see results. I definitely have felt the negative effects in my training-running can be a bit more challenging at times with the little bit of extra weight I’ve gain (which I feel like is going straight to my mid-section, the one part of my body I absolutely hate and wish I could afford lypo.).

So, I’m not gonna whine and complain about this set back. I’m going to suck it up and move forward getting back into good habits, kicking the old ones, and get my ass back into better shape. It truly is a 95% mental struggle for me when it comes to food. I know I can survive a day without the bad stuff-I proved that to myself yesterday. While it really was challenging at times, and I was close to breaking down and giving in more than once, I was able to pull it together and change my thinking. That’s really what I need to do to be successful with this. While its hard not to stress about my food intake, I really want to reach my 100-pound weight loss. I am so close (well, a little further off now with this set back), and I want to achieve this. If it takes me another year, so be it. It has taken me five years to get to this point and I’m not gonna let it slip away from me. My short term weight-loss goal is to lose 10-15 pounds before I begin my marathon training. Use the time between my half marathon and beginning of marathon training to hunker down and focus on slimming down. I feel like losing this small amount of weight will help me get a great start to my big goal for the year: running 26.2 in Washington D.C. Oct. 30. I really want to start seeing a nutritionist to help me figure out a good combination of food to help me slim down and help me fuel my body during my training this summer/fall.

I will NOT go through another training session and pack on lbs.! I will NOT!

I’ve come too far to lose now!


One thought on “Two months jammed packed into one super-sized post

  1. YOU GO GIRL!!! I know you can do it – I gained 6 lbs also this winter, and have lost 2 of them….Easter week was hard for me at the in-laws – they eat 4 times per day. I have not gotten on the scale, but know that I must keep up the healthy habits here at home. We have several trips to take this month, and those will be challenging too.
    Aunt Kathy

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