Good morning sunshine!


The sky before we began our run. That white speck in the sky is the moon.


On the way back with J, K, and M in front of me.


Me between miles 6 and 7. Feeling good and sweating like a beast.


The girls told me that my hair was covering in sweat beads. Survivors still standing on my braid after a post-race breakfast.

10 miles complete by 8 am on a Saturday morning. Long run and runs done for the week. SO looking forward to my rest day tomorrow and sleeping in! The past two days I’ve gotten up before 6 am and I’ve been exhausted by 10:30pm. I could barely keep my eyes open last night during “Fast Five” which seems impossible with all those sexy cars zooming around and Paul Walker on the big screen. 😉 So I am definitely looking forward to a day of R&R after a week of good, solid workouts.
This week was my week to get my head back into the game and back on the focus track for the half in Cleveland in 14 days. I’m starting to get race day fever and excitement! Which is what I think I was lacking last weekend before and during the 10-miler race making the run that much harder on me. It was just a reminder that I run these things because they are fun and are time for me to spend with friends.



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