Nothing like the smell of French Vanilla coffee brewing

Especially after a morning run.

I just got my first run in of the week-5 miles (yeah, it’s Wednesday but it was raining buckets yesterday so I decided to switch my rest day, sue me). It was a nice run to get my legs warmed up and flushed out for the start of my last full week of hard runs before the fun, short taper runs next week. Yippie!


Proof is in the sweat beads.

My run wasn’t fast by any means, but didn’t expect it to be after a late night of work and my not so guilty free election night pizza dinner. But my editor was nice enough to treat us to dinner, so you can’t pass that up. But I know I burned part of it off last night after scurrying around Elyria in the excitement of the democratic mayoral candidate race. And of course burning the rest off this am.
But overall the run went well. I was able to hit some good grooves thanks to Pandora picking some upbeat songs for me to pick up my pace. Pandora guided me through this run since my iPod was dead when I went to turn it on. I need to stop leaving me Nike+ sensor in it for long periods of time when I don’t use it. Or just invest in a newer iPod. 😉 scratch that. I won’t have to worry about it once I score myself a Nike+ GPS watch.

11 days until 13.1 in the city that rocks!

Happy Wednesday!


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