13+ mile thought bubble

Sunshine; rain clouds; man my knees are starting to ache; Gosh, these hills blow!; sun glare; when are we gonna turn?; man, why are my knees aching so much?; ugh, hills again?; when did we run into Medina County?; man, my right foot is K-I-L-L-I-N-G me! Need to tape foot for big race; ew! Disgusting-dead cat; why do I think this (running) is fun?!; OMG my foot!; just keep moving, make it to the sign up ahead; STOP! STOP! STOP! as two little pistols known as ankle bitter dogs charged towards the road; how the hell am I gonna be able to run a marathon when this run is SO HARD!; Mmmmm! Lilac bushes!; almost there, you got this Anna! ; WTF?! As I check my mileage and I’m well past 13 miles;

I’M DONE! phew!

13.78 miles ran. 2:22 minutes. Definitely on pace to make my goal next weekend of just over 2hrs.


I’m definitely looking forward to tapering off this week, eating SUPER healthy and trying to destress and clear my mind so I don’t have the random cluster of thoughts streaming through my head. I just wanna channel into my music and just run.


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