Let the countdown begin….

A week from today I will have already completed my second half marathon (13.1 miles) within 8 months. I will have begun my post-race rest period and pre-marathon detox/weight-loss mode. But that’s a whole other battle in itself.

This week is all about final preparation for the big day! With my last long run out of the way, this week is about easy, short runs, healthy eating, hydrating and getting plenty of rest. I have so much jam packed into this coming weekend, I know I’m gonna be wanting my 3-day work week to fly by!

Big weekend agenda:

Friday: Packet pick-up/race expo and Sugarland concert with my sweetie!

Saturday: my mom comes into town! Big zoo adventure with her. Then downtown for carb dinner with her and my boo.

Sunday: Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon/Half Marathon and 10k!!!!!! I am SUPER pumped to be running an amazing course through the fabulous west side neighborhoods! But best of all, I can’t wait to cross the finish line with my mom and Aaron there cheering me on! Then after all the post race celebrations, my mom and I are gonna watch the Tribe add another tally to their win column!

SO much action packed into three days! I wouldn’t have it any other way! Thats how I roll!

But for now, I must focus on getting my last few runs in, really watching what I put in my mouth and remembering everything I eat counts (I don’t want to be dreading any food choices Sunday morning feeling miserable wishing I hadn’t eaten that bowl of ice cream or other sugary treat, beating myself up half the race when I feel sluggish or slow.). I want to be happy, upbeat and positive throughout my race.

…6 more days!


One thought on “Let the countdown begin….

  1. I found your blog after you found me on twitter. Good luck at Cleveland, I know 5 bloggers running in that event, 6 now with you. I hope the weather holds up for everyone. I am down in Columbus, always love finding new Ohio bloggers.

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