I’ve gone as far as I can…

again, until Sunday.

I can’t believe today was my FINAL run before my SECOND half marathon. 2 miles in under 20 minutes, say what?! When did I become Speedy Gonzalez?!

When I started training WAY back in January, I never thought this day would get here. After training throghout the dead months of winter. Forcing myself from the comfort of my bed in the mornings to go run in circles around the track or run nowhere on the treadmill at the gym. Even on theĀ  “nice” winter days, bundle up to hit the pavement running. Training definitely wasn’t pretty and was inconsistent, but I managed to prepare myself physically and mentally to run 13.1 miles, again.

I am excited to run the Rite-Aid Cleveland (half) marathon for many reason. First, it will be my first half running through city streets of CLEVELAND (wee!) with a enormous runner pack and large spectator crowd. I’m excited to run through neighborhoods on Cleveland’s west side, truly some of the most beautiful and eclectic places the city has to offer. Second, I know SO many people participating in this event. There is nothing better than running a race with great friends knowing they are running with you cheering you on as well. And third, and probably the thing that has me most excited about running this race, two people who are some of the most important people in my life will be there at the finish line cheering me on and celebrating with me at the end. My mom and Aaron. This will be the first race my mom will have seen me finish. I know she is always proud of me, but I can’t wait to celebrate and spend time with her this weekend.

So here is to rest, relaxation, hydration, fueling and FUN!

Ready to rock Cleveland in 3 days!


One thought on “I’ve gone as far as I can…

  1. Yeah for you!! It’s such a relief, I think, when you can actually see the results of your commitment (especially when it involves dragging yourself out of the bed on cold dreary mornings…) I haven’t ever run that far and can’t really imagine it but I have a friend now who just did her first marathon last year in Atlanta and she says I could, I just have to train for the longer distance. I’ve only done 5K runs. Good luck to you and keep us posted on how it goes!

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