You’d think I was new to this or something?!

Facebook status at 10:30 this morning:”WORST run to date! I finally stopped my Nike+ on my iPod when I had to start walking for the 4th time. It was like I haven’t run two half marathons, let alone a day in my life. It was a battle between my body and my mind today that ended in me fail to run 4 miles and only running ~2.7? who knows, stopped tracking after 1.88.”

I felt like my run today was an epic fail! I made it a little more than a mile before my body and mind decided that it didn’t want me to run anymore. It wasn’t hot or humid. It’s actually a beautiful day to run with a nice breeze. But no, the argument between mind and body forced me to stop running and walk. Okay, I walked for about 30 seconds. I told myself when I reach the sign ahead I’d start running again. I started running again and was approaching a small hill, one I’ve tackled numerous times before, nothing I can’t handle. Except once I was at the top, my mind and body again were at odds and I found myself walking again. By this time I was starting to get frustrated at myself. You can run this, what is your problem? I walk again for about 30 seconds and the start running again. This little issue happens two more times before I stop my Nike+ and just stop tracking this run gone bad. I walk for about 2-3 minutes until I reach the road again back towards home. At this point, I tell myself I can run the rest of the way home no matter how slow. I WILL NOT walk. Even though I did walk once on my way back home, I had to fight against my body and mind from arguing and just keep running. I finished  my run and was happy to be home despite an intended 4 mile run gone wrong.

I think my body was fighting me because I’ve reduced my calorie intake and increased my workout regiment in order to lose some weight before marathon training. And I had a lot on my mind today that was effecting my focus and got me defeated. I need to remember that running and working out is MY time to clear my mind from all other stressors in my life. It is my time to forget everything else going on in my life, and just be in the moment. All the phone calls, emails, job stresses, issues, etc will be there waiting for me when I finish. I need this time for ME to be happy and stress-free.


So this disaster of a run will not defeat me nor will it define me as a runner. It is one off day that is now behind me. Tomorrow morning I will lace up my running shoes, plug into my music and hit the ground running again. I am stronger than this and will achieve my goals.

Because I run not only for me, but for those who can’t.


Happy National Running Day!



One thought on “You’d think I was new to this or something?!

  1. Don’t worry you’ll have day like this during training where “it” is just not there. Just focus on finishing and try not to focus on the time. As you get deeper into training, you’ll wear done. Almost to the point where you’ll feel like you’re regressing. Hang in there. You’ll get stronger and through taper. Also, you body is probably adjusting to the change in calorie intake as well.

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