MCM Training Week 1 recap

Halfway through training week #2 and I’m just now getting around to recapping week 1? Yeah, yeah, I know I’m a lazy, slacker of a blogger. But better late than never right? Right.

So here it is.


First week back into hardcore training kicked my butt. I was very tired all week, and was exhausted by 10:30pm every day (the boyfriend even noticed my state of exhaustion). Just have to whip my body back into shape of getting up early, pounding the pavement and then working 2-10 Tuesday-Saturday. Hopefully by week 3 ormy body will have grown accustom to this routine. Because the longer the mileage gets during the week, the earlier this girl will be getting up to get in the miles before it gets too hot and humid. Other than getting my body used to all this running again, I’m trying to keep my mileage up and maintaining a good pace since I want to run the marathon in about 10:30/pace.

Week 1 by the numbers

5 running days

1 cross training day

26.12 miles complete

4:19 Time spent training

3115 calories burned

Overall, not a bad first week.


On a different note, tomorrow’s 5k, Kerstetter 5k, marks my one year runniversary. Please send positive thoughts my way beginning at 9 am EST. I am trying to set a new 5k PR. Current PR 29:50.



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