Coming full circle

One year ago I ran the inaugural James A. Kerstetter Memorial 5k race. I signed up for the race three days prior after Jill and Stori suggested I run it. I figured it would be a great measuring stick for my running since I wanted to run in the Journal Jog the following month.
I ran 3 miles the day before the race on the treadmill. Not the best training for running my first race, but I had been running off and on for several months and felt I could finish it.
I ran the race. I walked only in Elywood Park (aka heartbreak hill) and finished in 35:30. I was proud of myself for finishing and proud of my time. I had a huge rush of runner’s high, never feeling a rush like that before After that race, I was itching for my next race, so I signed up for the Wellington Cheese Festival 5k race the following weekend. The same group of people met at my first race-Jen, Kelly, Maria, Jenine and Stori- ran the race as well but ran the 10k distance. I ran the 5k with Jill. What I didn’t know then that over the next year these women would become not only a more influential role in my running progression, but would also become friends.

So, today, one year later, I came full circle and participated in the James A. Kerstetter memorial 5k smashing last year’s time finishing in 30:20. Although I missed setting a new 5k PR, I have so much to look back on that I have accomplished.

In one year I have ran in:

7 5k races (29:50 PR)
2 10k races (1:04 PR)
3 5-mile races
1 15k race
1 10-mile race
2 half marathons (2:22 PR)

Ran over 700 miles and burned almost 100,000 calories.

So what if I didn’t set a new PR today? It’s not like today was the be all, end all. It’s just another mini goal I have set for myself inside my bigger goal for this year- completing 26.2 miles on Sunday, Oct. 30, 2011in Washington D.C. with 30,000 other runners.

I am thankful for the extra push I got a year ago to sign up for this race. Without the experiences I’ve had in the past year, I wouldn’t be who I have become through this journey. But it’s not over.

Because running is a lifestyle for my lifetime.

Team 4 Life.


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