MCM training week 2 recap

Two weeks of marathon training in the books and everything is going swimmingly so far.

I ran two races this week- Smiles for Sophie Forever 5k on the 4th and the James A. Kerstetter Memorial 5k on Saturday. What a difference four days makes in running. I finished Monday’ race in 31:30 and Saturday’s race in 30:20. But, Saturday I had more to prove celebrating my one-year running anniversary and was trying to PR.

My long run on Sunday was okay. I ran it solo early before the temps sky rocketed. The only thing I was kicking myself for was not packing my water belt in my overnight bag since I stayed at Aaron’s, so I was without water on the road. It really didn’t start to affect me until I got to mile 4.5 my turn around point on my out and back route along Lake Road in Avon Lake. By then, I was hoping someone’s sprinkler system was still going so I could sneak a quick swig of water until I made it to Veteran’s Park and go access the water fountain. I definitely need to work on my mental game on my solo long runs. My legs were toast from running hard in the race the day before, but I took too many walk breaks for my liking. I know I can run 9 miles straight without walking. But lately, I have been taking short walk breaks way too much during my solo runs. Its like I’m psyching myself out or something. I know I can do this, but why is it subconsciously becoming difficult for me? What’s gonna happen when my long runs start to go farther than 13 miles? Its gonna be a challenge, but I know I can do it as my week day mileage increases. I just need to work on getting into a zone and clearing my head. I can find the zone and stay in it for short periods of time, but then something happens and I allow my mind to start to wander away.

Week 2 recap:

miles ran: 23.69

time cross training: 55 minutes



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