Gary Jordan Wellington Cheese Festival 5k/10k race

This morning I ran in the 10k in the Gary Jordan Wellington Cheese Festival race with my Team 4 Life friends. I ran the 5k race in this one last year and decided to up my game to the 10k race this year. Which was nice since my long run for the week is 6 miles so I was able to knock that out today.

This race last year was extremely hot, but what do you expect for the third weekend in July in NEO? Remembering hearing stories of the back side of the 10k race from my friends who had run it before, I knew it was going to be mainly in the sun and only had one other water stop. Knowing this and figuring it’d be hot as haitis, I decided to run with my water belt.

The course started next to the middle school in Wellington and wove us through some housing developments, a mix of sun and shade. At the 10k split off point, we crossed over SR 58 into more neighborhoods. Once I made it onto the back side of the course, I prayed I didn’t get held up by a train since we had to run over a railroad crossing (last year one of my friends got stopped by a train and it made her really upset).
I had good moments where I feel into a good pace and could just cruise. I had other moments when my knees started to ache or my mind would race and I’d start getting down on myself. The latter part of this week has been rough on my mentally and emotionally, so it was tough to not think about that. Then I’d think about if I feel so slow, sluggish in running these short distances now, how the heck am I going to make it through the rest of marathon training let alone 26.2 miles?! I really just need to take each day as they come with training and have faith and confidence in myself that I CAN, and put a halt on all these negative thoughts.

Back to the race.

After I split off from the 5k course, I never felt like anyone was behind me. I could see two women in front of me, so I figured I was last. No big deal, I’ve finished last in a race before, didn’t bother me. It wasn’t until after I finished (in 1:04:50) I noticed the race clock was still running. I didn’t come in last! An older gentleman, probably in his late fifties finishes about 5-10 minutes after I did.

Team 4 Life cleaned up today in the races! Maria’s daughter placed third in her age group (her first race!), Kelly and T both finished first in their age groups for the 5k. Jenine and Jen each got first in their age group for the 10k. And, drum roll please…… Guess who got second behind Jen?


Although technically I was probably last in our age group, the two fastest girls in our age groups were first and second place overall in the 10k, allowing Jen and I to place. I’ll take place and getting a medal and not winning a raffle prize from Second Sole. (Last year I won a $75 gift certificate to the Medina store that I put towards my first pair of Mizunos)

All and all, Team 4 Life made a GREAT day!



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