MCM Training week 4 recap

Wow, I’ve already completed four weeks of training? Doesn’t feel like it. That’s probably because I haven’t gotten into the really long runs yet. Which terrify me! I know they aren’t about being quick, but are for building endurance, but they still scared the be-jebus out of me! But I will conquer that fear when those runs come.

This past week seemed to drag on FOR-E-V-E-R! I would run in the mornings and then not work until later, having some pretty crummy, stressful days at work. Then the next day it would feel like forever since I had last run, even though it was only the day before. My motivation was definitely down this week, which I can chalk it up to being so darn tired all week. I think there was only one day last week that I didn’t take a nap before work. But last week I started working out at Debi’s backyard bootcamp. Some of my friends and I decided it would be a good way to mix up our workout while toning up and shedding some lbs. We signed up for a four-week, unlimited bootcamp session which we got through Groupon. For $44, we couldn’t pass it up since it would cost over $400 a month for that. Thursday was my first day. It was an hour of cardio and weights. It was challenging, but I left sweaty and feeling good. The next day, HOLY ABS! My abs were sore in places they’d never been before, but I ain’t complaining. My legs were a little sore too, but nothing I’m not use to. I’m hoping to go 3-4 days a week for the next 3 weeks, and hopefully see some results.


As for my miles last week, my long run was a fall back so it was only 6 miles, which I completed during the Wellington Cheese Festival 10k race. I was scheduled to run 5 mile pace on Saturday, but opted out of it Sunday to sleep in and rest. I did get in the water for water aerobics. It was my second class last week and I really enjoy it. Its a different type of workout and resistance for my muscles.


Week 4 mileage: 16.23

Time spent running: 2:51

Average pace: 10:35/mi

Calories burned: 2068


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