Is it weird to have a dream about an upcoming race 17 days out?

Tuesday night/Wednesday morning I had a crazy, whacked out dream about the upcoming Akron Marathon. I am running the half as a “road to 26.2” kind of deal and am really excited about running such a highly talked about race. But my dream did not speak of that excitement. Instead, it was me waking up and getting moving incredibly late on race day, calling one of my race friends saying I was nervous I wouldn’t be on time for the race. Akron is about an hour from where I currently live. So, 7am race start time means being down in the A-K-Rowdy by 6am at the latest. Which translates into me needing to wake up at 3:30am to be out the door by 4:30am at the latest to ensure I make it to downtown Akron on time to park and make it to the start line without any craziness.

But the weirdest part of my dream was that even though I was going to be late traveling from my home in Lorain County, I (in my dream) was really in Fort Wayne…INDIANA. WTH? Yeah, thus this is why its a dream and not in real life. My dream skips over my driving from LC to Akron, but I somehow make it down there right before the first wave of runners take off from the start line. But of course when I arrive, I realize I have forgotten many important race day essentials. Gu, my water belt, and my iPod. Yeah, I could race without my iPod, but I’ve never tried it, and at times really relied on the music to pump me up and push me through. As I navigate this “downtown Akron” in my dream to the start line which is like a hilly maze with stairs until I come to bag drop off where I sort out what I need and what I can leave behind. I end up to this point with a ton of crap that I don’t need and don’t know how it made it with me. I try stuffing everything I don’t need that I seemed to have brought with me into a small duffel bag and then get into my shoes so I can hustle to the start line to try and take off with any pace group left.

Needless to say, I woke up from my dream before I could even start the race. I have never before had a dream like this before any race what so ever. And I’m excited for Akron and not in the least bit nervous because I’ve run a half before. I think what got my mind racing (no pun intended) is that I have a wedding the night before Akron in Westlake that I know I won’t be done with til at least 10pm. I think internally I’m starting to freak out about being tired from the whole wedding then not getting much sleep due to the fact that I have to wake up so early to make sure I’m early enough for the race.

So, you better be damn skippy that I am booking a hotel room for me in downtown Akron the night before the race so I can guarantee that my crazy dream won’t become a reality.


Has any other runner had weird or wild dreams about a big, upcoming race?


2 thoughts on “Is it weird to have a dream about an upcoming race 17 days out?

  1. I have had lots of crazy runner dreams. Before Boston I dreamt that I forgot my running shoes so of course in real life I brought with me 3 pairs just in case. I’ve also dreamt that I got to the starting line with no running clothes or gave my shorts to someone who forgot and then I had to run in my undies!

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