Running unplugged

Last night I commented on a friend’s Facebook status who questioned why running becomes so much harder when you have a lot on your shoulders. I immediately typed out on my iPhone “Don’t think, just run. Clear your mind and run free!” I don’t know where that tid bit of motivational wisdom came from, but I knew it fit. I didn’t mean to imply running technology free per say, more so just run to work out any frustrations within ourselves. Today I woke up to a shout out on his Facebook thanking me for my words and informing his followers that he completed a run last night technology free. 

So that inspired me to try the same experiment on my short run (thank God for tapering!)

So,today I set off for a short run without my iPod and Nike+. Gasp! I’ve never set off on the road and run before without music blaring in my ears and technology keeping track of my run. 

It was a refreshing change. It was nice to run to nature’s soundtrack of the wind rustling the fall leaves on the trees, my feet shuffling the pavement and listening to my breathing. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t so nice listening to my breathing, but it allowed me to tune into my thoughts and my body while running. 

I didn’t go for a very long run, a little over two miles. I don’t know how people can go out for long runs or even run marathons with no music to pump them up and push them through the longer miles. I definitely have props and respect for those runners. 

Thank you Cory for inspiring me to run free and clear my mind!


How often to you run (technology) free? Do you notice a difference in your runs and moods?


2 thoughts on “Running unplugged

  1. I try to run without my headphones for races and I notice I usually do so much better. I don’t think I am really listening to music most of the time when I am running anyways. i have it there just in case but I don’t really need it.

  2. I’m with you. I usually run my shorter runs without my headphones (or if I’m running with someone), but I never leave home without them for my long runs! I need the “pump me up” feeling I get from certain songs. 🙂

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