It’s down to single digits.

Nine days.

In nine days I will be toeing the start line with 30,000 runners about to embark on our nation’s capital running the “People’s Marathon”, also known as the 36th Marine Corps Marathon.


Over almost two weeks now, I’ve gone through ever emotion possible when thinking about this race. And I haven’t even run it yet. After reading all of my runner friends’ marathon blog recaps over the past couple weeks has got my head in a tailspin.

Each person had their own story and experience to tell on their 26.2 mile journey. Some have run the distance before, and others were marathon virgins. One thing I noticed in all of their journeys is that there emotions seem to fluctuate throughout the distance. Each faced a point in the race where they struggled with either physical pain or mental stamina. It got me wondering how I am gonna feel at different points in the race and am I gonna be strong enough to handle the emotional ups and downs.

Another thing that I realized that was a crucial part in helping these runners make it through the tough spots was having supporters strategically positioned along the course. This is the part that worries me about not seeing a familiar face for almost five hours and helping lift my spirits when they need it. I’ve spoken with the boy and told him that it would be really helpful if he would be at designated “watch spots” on the course to be there to cheer me on. He didn’t seem particularly thrilled about it. But I think its better to be moving around over the period of time I’m running than standing at the finish line just waiting. Plus, it will give him the opportunity to see some sights of DC while he waits. This whole thing is TBD, and hopefully we’ll map out a game plan once we get to DC and can see where everything is.


Though I’ve had these nerves and anxiety about the race, over the last few days I’ve gotten increasingly excited.

Excited to go to a place I’ve never been before.

Excited to experience DC with the love of my life.

Excited to conquer a goal I never imagined last year at this time I’d ever be attempting.


During my four mile run on the dreadmill this morning (insert awful groan here), I tried to run at a faster pace for at least a mile to work on a little speed. I tried to block everything around me in the gym and just try to visualize me sprinting towards the finish line. It got me pumped and ready to for this race!


I’ve got one last long run to knock before super taper next week. 8 miles tomorrow morning. Piece of cake!


SO looking forward to carb-loading next week. Just hoping I don’t suffer from tapering craze, comparable to PMS from a fellow dirtyrunner. That would NOT be good.


Bring it on MCM! I WILL finish what I started!


….9 days.


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