2011 in review

I know its two days into the new year, but the final weekend of 2011 left me no time to sit down and write this with family christmas, NYE and a surprise baby shower (not for me, my boyfriend’s sister-in-law). So nothing like starting the new year off right with a look back at last year.

After re-reading my first post from 2011 and reading all the goals I had set for myself, I smiled as I had completed every single one.

2011 goals:

-Cleveland 10-miler 4/23/11

I completed this race, my first at this distance, with some great friends. Ran it in 1:50.

-Rite-Aid Cleveland half Marathon 5/15/11

Second half marathon completed in a faster time than my first- 2:16. Bonus, my mom got to see me start and finish this race along with the best boyfriend a girl could ask for.

-Fort4Fitness half marathon (Fort Wayne, Ind.) 9/24/2011 ….well I ended up running the Akron Half on this day instead of going home to run this race in my hometown. Maybe 2012 will be my Fort Wayne race debut. 🙂

Possible marathon destinations:

Outer Banks, November 12-13, 2011; Outer Banks, NC

Marine Corps, Washington, D.C., Oct. 30

Chicago Marathon: 10/2011

(I just want to run in a city that I can also make a mini vacation out of my marathon as well. )

Well, 2011 was the year of 26(.2)! 🙂

I followed through and ran my marathon in a destination city to vacation in. It was absolutely the most memorable weekend to date! 🙂

-I want to run double the miles I ran in 2010…..

miles ran in 2010: 306

miles rain in 2011: 752.1

Bam! Didn’t think I would more than double my mileage, but thats what happens when you train for a marathon!

Wanna know what I have in mind for 2012?

Catch my next post! 🙂

Happy New Year!


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