A new year, a fresh start

2011 was an absolutely amazing year! I ran a marathon, something I thought I would never dream of doing or completing! My personal life ended pretty crummy in 2010, but got amazingly better in 2011 when Aaron entered my life. 2011 wouldn’t have been the same without him. 2011 was the year of 26 and love! ūüôā

Now with 2012 ahead of me, I’ve got some new goals for myself.

I want to keep running as a part of my life for as long as my knees will allow me to. With that said, I want to get back to the reason why I started running in the first ¬†place: to stay fit and lose weight. I want to get back on track with running regularly and work in other aspects of exercise into my life while getting back on to the healthy wagon of maintaining a healthy diet. Its no secret that I fell off that wagon a month ¬†before my marathon which resulted with a spare tire around my waist. Definitely not acceptable. I know how it happened and won’t let it happen again.

So, I am using 2012 to start over and get back to the basics. That means starting over with my running. I am going back to the beginning with EVERYTHING! Pace and mileage mainly. The mileage is going to start out small and slowly increase as my body gets back on board with running longer distances. Speed. I really want to regain the speed I had last spring and slowly lost as I was building endurance for my first marathon. My goal is to finish the Cleveland Half Marathon in 2:10.  I know this is an attainable goal.


2012 running events:

Catch a Leprechaun 15k

Cleveland 10-miler

Rite-Aid Cleveland Half Marathon

Officer Kerstetter Memorial 5k

Fort4Fit Half Marathon

Ragnar Relay -200 mile 24 hour team relay


When my #dirtyrunner crew threw out the idea to participate in this 12-person 200 mile relay, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity! Its all about running as a team, bonding, and having a great time! Legs of the race ranges from 8-22 miles, each person running three legs. I know with the marathon¬†maniacs in the group, the 22 mile legs will be handed straight to them and I can handle any legs between 8-12 miles. I can’t wait!

Team #dirtyrunners will dominate Ragnar PA!


Overall, I just want to regain control of my health and fitness, learn new, healthy habits and finally being happy with myself!


Here’s to a year of health, running, and happiness!




2 thoughts on “A new year, a fresh start

  1. Love that we have a lot of the same races this year! Can’t wait to see you more. Ragnar is going to be a blast, I will gladly take those 22 milers off your hand

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