All sweat, no sweets Feb

After reading Jodi’s recent blog post about her Feb challenge of going 30 days without sweets, I was game to put myself up to the same challenge.

Most of you may know that I have a pretty wicked sweet tooth. And as I’ve started to eat more clean (or make the best attempt possible), I’ve noticed the one thing holding me back is my sweet tooth. Some days my love for anything sweet takes over and it pretty much spoils a good day of good choices.

So, I am saying goodbye to those sweet treats I love for February and saying hello to more sweat in hopes to crush my sweet tooth.

Goodbye ice cream, candy (waves bye to sour patch kids, Twizzlers, Swedish fish), chocolate, sweet and tasty coffee-like beverages and cupcakes (it’s been real LaBella’s!)


One thought on “All sweat, no sweets Feb

  1. Ahh, thanks for the shout out and blog link up! I am starting tomorrow and going through March 1st since there are only 29 days in February! I will be honest that I have been eating extra sweets and chips over the weekend since I know as of tomorrow I am done for 30 days! 🙂 I too gave up pop on a bet with my brother in 1991. He drinks it now but I never went back to it. The only time I ever have pop is if it is in a wine spritzer or the like…. I look forward to following your challenge! You can do it!!

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