Day 1 of CLE half marathon training

Even though Mondays on my training schedule are reserved for cross training, I couldn’t pass up this AMAZINGLY beautiful February day so I sneaked in a short run. A 2-mile run outisde, which was my first run outside in probably a month. I need to get my body reacquainted with running outside again since its that time to start training for the Cleveland (half) Marathon. I can’t believe I’m training for my fourth half marathon! I really enjoye this race last year and can’t wait to run through Cleveland’s west side again and (hopefully) score a PR! It felt nice to run outside again and feel one with the road.

Excited to run outside again!

yummy post run snack

I definitely need to map out some routes around Aaron’s house so I don’t get bored running the same routes during the week. Weekend runs are easier to spice up and change locations since I have a little bit more time.

As for my cross training today, its off to bootcamp tonight as I enter my third of four weeks bootcamp session. I really like bootcamp because its a challenging workout and is different every time I go. I really would like to keep up with this bootcamp because it focuses on plyometrics.

As I start training again, I hope it will help me to slim down in some areas that I am currently not happy with. Yeah, I’m looking at you thunder thighs and mid-section!  Aside from toning up and slimming down, I’m looking forward to getting the opportunity to meet up with running friends and running in groups and not solo. So if you live on the WAY west side and interested in trying to meet up for a run, either during the week or weekend, let me know and we can try to make that happen.


So, I proclaimed last week that I was giving up the sweets for February in hopes to kick my sweet tooth. Well, now on day seven, I am happy to report that I am still going strong on my goal. The second and third days were kind of tough, but with some support and drinking TONS of water, I was able to stay strong. Saturday for work I had to photograph people and tasty treats at a local chocolate festival. To my surprise, I did not feel the urge to sample any of the treats! Yes, they did look tasty, but I wasn’t anxious or antsy dying to cheat. Superbowl Sunday was definitely challenging. Aaron and I went to a friend’s party and of course there was a TON of food! And with that there were a TON of tasty desserts and treats! I was sad the only fruit there was strawberries filled with whipped cream. :-\ The berries looked tasty, but since they were filled with a “sweet” I had to pass. Aaron even offered to suck out the whipped cream so I could have the strawberry. As sweet as his suggestion was, I told him no thanks. I made sure to fill up on green and red peppers on the veggie tray to curb my want for something sweet.  (Confession: I told Aaron that when we go to the Paczki ball, I will allow myself ONE Paczki because its right before the start of Lent and Paczkis only come once a year.;-))

23 more days left of the challenge. I don’t think I will never eat a sweet again, but I think since I won’t have a taste for the sweets or the need to run to it in a moment of stress, anxiety or comfort I will be able to occasionally enjoy something sweet without feeling guilty.


Here’s to a great first week of official half marathon training and another successful week of all sweat and no sweets!



4 thoughts on “Day 1 of CLE half marathon training

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  2. Hi – I saw Poise in Parma’s great article about Cleveland bloggers – congrats on what you are doing! Have you considered going to bootcamp though? It’s amazing and the results are incredible. I know there’s a place in Beachwood that offers it for $1 for the first week to try out.

    Fit Body Boot Camp Beachwood….

    • Mai-

      I have done bootcamp at two different places before through groupon deals. I love them and would love to do them regularly, but the issue for me is the cost factor. The place I really enjoyed and got the best workout in only offers classes 3 days a week and I can only make two. And for $75 a month, it’s too much and not enough class time.

      I live on the far west side so Beachwood would not be an ideal place for me to try.
      Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for your suggestions!

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