Splash Zone Indoor Triathlon/Duathlon for LLS recap


Yesterday I participated in my first duathlon. It was an indoor event that was a fundraiser for LLS that my friend Stori hosted at the Splash Zone in Oberlin. She has hosted this event before, but this is only the second year the event consisted of a duathlon. SInce I’m not a very confident swimmer I knew the duathlon would be a perfect event for me to combine biking and running. Plus, it would be a nice way to get my miles in for my long run. 

There were three heats set up. I was in heat two. Those people who were participating in the tri hit the pool for as many laps as they could do in 30 minutes while I headed to the track to run for 30 minutes. This was a non-competitive event so no one was officially counting laps/miles, unless you wanted them to. I kept track of my laps since I knew I needed to get four miles in for my long run. 8 laps on the indoor track in the outside lane is one mile, so in 30 minutes I ran 19 laps. After the first run portion, it was time to transition to the spin room and hop on a bike. Us runners met up with those people who swam and rode spin bikes for 30 minutes. I thought we’d just ride at our own pace, no leader on the spin bike. But Zach, one of the spinning instructors at SZ and my heat leader, led an impromptu spin class with easy sequences to just help the time pass. It was nice to get up out of the saddle instead of just sit on my butt for the entire 30 minutes.


Just like that 30 minutes flew by and it was time to run again!


Happy to go run for another 30 minutes!

In the transition back to the track, I could definitely feel my muscles in my quads. But as I started running again, I felt good and like I had a burst of energy. Last spring/summer I would go to spin class and then run three-five miles with some spin people. I loved doing that brick workout because it was awesome cross-training and helped build my endurance. Alas, life has happened since then and those people aren’t around as much anymore. Plus, with my SZ membership set to expire and the cost of spin class on top of membership fees is just too much for me right now. Gah! I wish it wasn’t all so gosh darn expensive! But I digress….

The second 30 minute run portion I wanted to run more laps than I did the first time. I had 22 laps in my head that would be a good goal to reach. I was able to pound out 23 laps for a total of 42 laps equally about 5.25 miles. Not too shabby for a long run day and pumping out my longest run of 2012 so far. My quads were super sore the rest of Sunday and I was tired. But I told myself to get used to this feeling as the mileage starts to increase over the next two and a half months as CLE half marathon creeps closer. 


CLE half marathon training stats for week 1 (officially)


Total Distance (mi)




Total Calories




Total Time




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