Shaking things up and trying something new

As the Cleveland (half) marathon approaches and my runs are increasing in mileage, I am trying my best to not skip any runs during the week so my long run on the weekends aren’t hell. Last weekend I ran 8 miles on Sunday only having run 3 miles on Tuesday. I didn’t plan to skip my runs on Wednesday and Thursday, but I was dealing with some personal things that just kept me from wanting to run. Thankfully my friend Jenine ran 6 of the 8 miles with me so it made the miles fly by and also forced me to push through the times when I wanted to stop and walk.

As the Hermes 10-miler sneaks up on me this week, I’ve been doing my best to get runs in no matter what. Tuesday was a fail because of a hand full of things. However, yesterday I made myself get up earlier enough before work to get miles in. Today, I wanted to shake things up. I decided to forgo eating lunch during my 30-minute break at work and hit the pavement to get in a 30-minute run. I have never done this before because my lunch break varies from day to day depending on what my assignment schedule is and sometimes I don’t end up taking a proper break until the last 30 minutes of my day. While it was overcast all day, the rain finally stopped early afternoon which gave to the perfect conditions to get a run in. I ran somewhere I’ve always wanted to run, but have yet to make it a route. It was a nice 3 mile loop that had some nice down hills to work the quads, and some small hills to get those in as well. Not too much flat terrain which made for a nice variety. Since I was on a time crunch, I was really forced to push myself to get the miles in before I had to get back to work. While this isn’t something I can do often, but it was a nice change in my routine. I actually felt refreshed and got an energy recharge. It would be awesome if more employers offered an extended lunch period so their employees can have the opportunity to exercise. I think it would make for a more productive work environment.

Something else new that I am venturing into is participating in two races in one weekend. Crazy, right?! I had signed up for the Hermes 10-miler several months ago as a perfect training run for the CLE half marathon. Most of the Hermes course is part of the half course for CLE so its a nice muscle memory training run. I ran it last year and enjoyed it so I knew it would be a race I wouldn’t miss. Earlier this week I signed up for the Tree Trotter in Wellington. Its a half marathon and 3.5 mile race in the Wellington Reservation. Its an NCN race and I have a free race with them from volunteering at a race last year. I figured signing up for the 3.5 mile race would be a good way to add miles to my week and shake out my legs from the long run the day before. The nice thing about this race is that it will be small and through the metro park on a crushed stone path. Its the first year for this race so we’ll see how the course and race goes.


I am really trying not to psych myself out for the 10-miler race on Saturday. Its been 6 months since I’ve ran 10 miles and I’m hoping I can survive without any injury or running out of gas in my tank. I’ve been doing my best to keep hydrated and eat healthy this week in preparation for the race. I know it will be a good bench mark of where I stand for CLE in less than a month. I don’t know what it is, but my heart and dedication to training isn’t in it like it has been in the past. I don’t know if something changed post marathon, but I find it hard to be super strict and dedicated 100% to my training like I was with my first and even second half marathons. I know I can run the distance, but I know my pace and endurance is much different. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I have lost a core group of my training buddies that made training more enjoyable. I know life happens, but I miss the camaraderie I gained through running with friends. I’m hoping this summer the #dirtyrunner Ragnar team can get in weekly runs together. I know it will not only help my running by running with these rockstars, but I know it will strengthen our friendships by spending time together.


How do you shake things up in your training to keep things new and interesting? 

Have you ever run more than one race in a weekend? Any advice on recovery post races?


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