Fallen off the radar.

I know I’ve fallen off the radar on this here blog. The last time I posted was after my second week of Indy Mini training.

Well, I am proud to say I completed the Indy Mini (my 5th half marathon), and helped my good friend Celina complete her FIRST half marathon! I am super proud of her for this awesome accomplishment.


Indy Mini 2013 finishers!

Post-race I told her that Indy was gonna be my last half marathon. My reasoning behind it because I felt like the longer distance running was starting to take a toll on my knees. Plus, I really wanted to focus on getting more fit overall. Running is a great cardio workout, but it isn’t gonna sculpt and tone my upper body. I wanted to start weight lifting and focus on toning up and leaning out. She had expressed interest in running another half or bigger race. I suggested that we do the Akron Marathon relay.

But as the weeks passed post Indy and I read more about my CLE friends getting ready to run the CLE marathon, I began to get the “itch.” I had originally contemplated running the CLE half since it was two weeks after Indy, but I decided against it since the race entry fee was just too expensive. After looking more into the Akron Relay, I realized that we would need two more people (not one like I had originally thought) to complete our relay team. When I saw the Akron half marathon shirt for this year’s race I knew I had to run the half. Cute shirt aside, I knew I’d regret on race day if I didn’t run the half.


Isn’t the half shirt SUPER cute?! Just hope guys like pink too!

So, I convinced my friend Celina to sign up for the half instead, along with her beau. She totally called me out on reneging on my “I’m not gonna run another half” statement. Hey, once you get a taste of the kool-aid, you want more. 🙂

Half marathon training officially begins July 8. I’m gonna be incorporating speedwork into my training this go around which is something I’ve never done before, but my main goal this summer is to regain some of my speed. So that means learning to do a track workout and running with others who are faster than me to help improve my speed. I still plan on lifting during my training. I have learned to love lifting weights, which is something I’d never thought I’d get into.

Until July 8, I’m gonna continue lifting 6 days a week with spinning Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and running Tuesday and Thursdays. Yeah, two a day workouts are gonna be rough in the beginning, but I’m putting my serious face on this summer to improve my overall fitness. And this half marathon training is gonna be balls to the wall, no excuses.

I know what I’m capable of and I’m not gonna get in my way of accomplishing my goals.


3 thoughts on “Fallen off the radar.

  1. OMG. I didn’t realize you had a running blog too!!! I don’t know how or when I found you or put you in my reader but here you are this morning! Awesome!

  2. Akron is so tempting this year-great shirts, good discounts! I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon in October, but am still tempted to run Akron just because of the swag! Good luck with training. I’ll probably see you there!

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