2014- A fresh start

In 2013, I definitely fell off the wagon when it came to this blog. It was definitely a roller coaster of a year, so this blog got thrown to the wayside amidst everything. But I told myself that when I got my iPad for Christmas I was going to start blogging regularly in 2014. One post a week. It could be a post about anything– training, struggles or successes of the week, or just some random post about anything not necessarily about running, fitness, health or diet. I just wanted to start back writing again.

I was a little hesitant about putting my goals for the new year out here they say if you put it writing and out for everyone to see it will help make you more accountable.) because I didn’t want this to be a cliche “New Years resolution” post. Thus why I used the word “goal” because I plan on succeeding at almost all that I have set out for myself.

For the first time in a long time my main goal is not to set out to lose body weight. My biggest goal will be to shed a big portion of my financial debt. It’s definitely going to be very tough because I’m a girl and love to shop, but I know it will only benefit me in the long run. Aaron actually asked me on our way back from Christmas in Indiana if I wanted to do the 52-week savings challenge with him, so we each will put back a little bit of money every week in 2014 so by the end of the year we have a nice little savings to take a vacation the following year or whatever our hearts desire.

– Get my running back up to par. I struggled in 2013 with my running. My stamina, endurance and speed depleted following my marathon in 2012. I really want to work on gaining that back and be able to run simple distances again without stopping first and then work back on my speed. I know I need to step out of my comfort zone and put my pride aside and start running with people who are faster than me. I know that’s how you get faster by running with others who challenge you. I’ve always been intimidated to run with certain runners I admire because I feel like I could never keep up and would only hold them back. I know I need to change my thinking and push myself. I know I want to run two half marathons this fall that are within a month of each other ( Fort 4 Fitness and Columbus half marathon). So my plan is to do a trial run this spring by running the Glass City half marathon and then another local half about a month later (most likely the Medina half). I know the most important thing for me to be able to achieve this is to continue running after the first race and not take a break before I start training for the fall race. Consistency will be the key to succeeding and achieving this goal.

– Maintain a healthy and consistent eating lifestyle. Notice I did not say diet. People tend to use the word diet when they plan on doing something short term. That’s not my plan. I really want to take back control over how I think and relate to food and use it to fuel my body properly instead of using it as an emotional escape or find comfort in it. I plan on utilizing the My Fitness Pal app to track exactly what I’m eating to make me more accountable about my food choices.
Fellow runner and friend Christian came up with an online weight loss challenge via Facebook to help people who want to lose weight in the new year to put their money where their mouth is. I contemplated with doing on my own but really didn’t know if I wanted to cough up the $50 to be a part of it. Again, Aaron surprised me this week when he asked me if I wanted to do Christian’s challenge. I said yes (as long as he fronted my entry fee). Our plan is he worries about us getting to the gym (since he has a membership with unlimited guest passes) and I’ll do the meal planning and preparing. I’m not sure how long he’ll keep up with it, but I know I’m gonna work my tail off to not only improve myself, but $1,000+ at the end of April in my pocket would be pretty sweet too. 🙂

Other things I’d like to achieve in 2014:
-Grow my photography business, A.Rose Photography
– Read more books
-Learn how to drive stick shift

What goals have you set for yourself in 2014?


4 thoughts on “2014- A fresh start

  1. Good luck on all of your goals! Have you heard of Dave Ramsey? I always recommend his resources for anyone looking to improve financially. I sometimes fall off the bandwagon still but he has great advice. Happy New Year!

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