Glass City half marathon training week 5

Five weeks down already?! Man, this training is flying by! April 27 will be here before I know it!

Last week’s training was definitely my saving grace. Everything else last week was pretty rough, so each day my workouts were my time to zone out and do work. 

Wednesday and Thursday were the worst days of the week for me, so fueling my body was very challenging. It was hard for me to get the proper food I needed because my stomach was not having it. 

Thursday’s run was definitely not pretty by any means. Knowing I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted, I kept telling myself, “just get what miles you can in today. There is no sense hurting yourself since you don’t have the energy to go full out.” I was scheduled for four miles, but I felt if I could at least get two in that would be better than not running at all. The first two miles were rough. But as I completed my second mile I told myself, just keep pushing, get one more mile in. The third mile was even tougher than the first two. Many walk breaks because I couldn’t get my mind right to just zone out and run, plus I could start to feel the effects of my lack of food intake over the past two days set in. After I completed my third mile I just wanted to stop, go home and refuel. However, I knew that I  would be so disappointed that I stopped one mile short of what I planned. I decided to push myself even farther to finish that last mile. Exhaustion had set in by now and I was running on pure fumes. The last couple of laps I could start to feel myself get light-headed and dizzy if I stopped for a walk break, so that was motivation enough to keep running and stop to walk as little as possible. After finishing four miles, a whole four minutes slower than I ran them on Tuesday, I was completely spent but I was happy I pushed myself. It may not have been my fastest run, but it definitely was a “character building” run. 


Friday’s long run was AWESOME! I FINALLY got to run outside! 6 miles in the fresh air and on the pavement felt great! However, following the run my knees did not feel so great after suffering all the pounding on the pavement it was not use to since I’ve been training inside on the treadmill or the indoor track so far. I’m hoping that the weather slowly starts to improve in the second half of my training so I can get outside more. 

Here is how last week’s training shaped up:

Monday: 40 minute swim

Tuesday: 4 mile run

Wednesday: taught a 50 min spin class

Thursday: 4 mile run

Friday: 6 mile long run

Saturday: Cross fit 60 min


Sunday: rest
Also, I am excited to announce that I won a free entry from Jessica for the Cleveland Marathon and will be running the half marathon on May 18! This is the first tIme I’ve ever run to longer distance races so close together, so I’d appreciate any advice to help keep me prepared after I run Toledo in April. 


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