Glass City half marathon training: weeks 6 & 7

Oh, hi! I didn’t forget about you blog! I know I didn’t recap week 6, but it wasn’t über exciting.

Week 6 by the numbers:
Monday: 60 min spin workout
Tuesday: 4 mile run outside
Wednesday: at home WOD (got sent home early due to crazy snow and had to cancel spin class)
Thursday: 4 mile run inside
Friday: 30 min swim. 1000 yds (250 kick board warm up; 500 yd breast stroke; 250 yd kick board cool down)
Saturday: Fight Gone bad WOD
Sunday: rest

Week 6 was a step back week for the long run, 5k. Totally skipped it. Was it a good idea? Maybe, maybe not. But my Saturday cross fit workout was a total ass-kicking so I think it was about the same.

Week 7:

This week weekday run mileage increased. Not a lot, just a half mile, but it makes planning a route to run outside kind of tricky.
My week day runs weren’t the best compared to weeks past. More knee pain and trouble finding my stride and pace. I’m thinking it has to do with getting used to running outside again after spending so much time training indoors. And my knees are definitely feeling the pain of pounding the pavement again. But I didn’t give up on my runs and used my music to push me through and pump me up.

I’ve been trying to do my long runs on Fridays so I can attend the community WOD at Birdtown Crossfit on Saturday mornings. This past Friday was gorgeous. Sunny and in the 40s. That morning I taught a spin class at 6am before being at work at 8. So that means waking up at 5am, a whole two hours earlier than I normally wake up during the week. I felt great all day until after lunch when the early wake up time started to take its affect and I got really tired. I still wanted to push through and get my 7 mile long run in. I set off from my house to begin my run. No joke, I ran a tenth of a mile before I stopped to walk. Seriously?! This can not be happening. I tried to run again and only went a short distance before I stopped to walk again. I just could t get my body to do what my mind wanted. I knew I couldn’t do this for 7 miles or I’d be really pissed and make for the longest run ever. By time I finished one mile, I decided that even though I wanted to do this run today, my body wasn’t having it. So, I turned around and headed back home. I walked most of that mile home, but ran in spurts. I ran the last .3 mile to the driveway (easy because it’s downhill). I was bummed I’d have to give up going to cross fit to get in 7 miles and run in temps colder than what Friday provided. But at the same time I was happy I listened to my body and gave it proper rest.

Saturday. I slept in until about 9. Got up and dressed to run. Ate toast and PB2, my typical pre-long run snack. It was cloudy, chilly and windy and about 34 degrees. It was a pretty run. I had knee pain, some kind of scary around mile 3 that made me take a walk break for a few minutes until I could run again without feeling any weird twinges in my right knee. This was the first long run this training cycle I took water and fuel with me. I took my Gu around the 45 min mark. However, I wish I would have taken it later because I felt like I was running on empty the last mile of my run. But these long runs are just practice for the big day, so I will have more fuel with me on eh course for sure.

Week 7:
Monday: boot camp at Debi’s Personal Training
Tuesday: 4.5 mile run outside
Wednesday: rest day
Thursday: 4.5 mile run outside
Friday: 45 min spin am/ 2 mile run/walk
Saturday: 7 miles
Sunday: rest

Total mileage: 18 miles



Thursday’s run and fun tights and shoe combo

These past two weeks have been rough. I’ve felt like my progress has slid backwards. This week I’m hoping to get back moving forward in the progression department.

I made this the wallpaper on my phone as a constant reminder to never give up.


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