What a fantastic weekend!

Summer officially started this past Saturday. And I can honestly say the first weekend of summer was FANTASTIC!

My weekend in photos:


I kicked off the first day of summer with my first 5k of the year.


Running with a Mission at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. It was my first race at the zoo, but I knew it would be a hilly course. Two laps of the zoo meant one ginormous hill ran walked up twice. But what goes up must come down, so the down hill was refreshing and much welcomed especially to finish. The weather was overcast, cool but muggy. It started to sprinkle right before the gun went off, but it stopped before reaching the first mile marker. I saw many familiar faces at the race, which was nice since I decided the day before to register. There was also a special guest roaming the crowd right before the start.


I was happy with the pace I ran and finished in 33:42 (10:43/mile). I haven’t been consistently running and my average pace was under 11 min/mile so I’ll take it.


Post race I treated myself to a bomb pop because it was so muggy and I knew it would help cool me down.


They also had bananas, apples, nature valley bars and kind bars. I was super happy that they had Kind Bars because they are super yummy but made with natural ingredients. I chatted a while after the race with my friends John and Lisa. But I had to leave so I could make it to Crossfit on time.

I got to Crossfit a few minutes late, but I ended up being the only one to show up for Birdtown Crossfit’s community WOD, so one of the coaches did the workout with me. It was hard and tiring, but I felt amazing afterwards.



How I felt after back to back workouts.

After I showered and refueled, I headed to the beach to try my hand at searching for beach glass.
This is what I found on my first time out


Saturday ended with a long over due roomie dinner and drinks. We grabbed dinner from The Fever in Oberlin and took our grub to Matus Winery to enjoy the fabulous weather.


After getting to sleep in for the first time in what felt like forever, I did some grocery shopping and then went off to Hingetown in Ohio City for some rooftop yoga with Sarah from Inner Bliss Yoga as a part of Harness Cycle‘s community yoga.



This view was awesome! Looking at Lake Erie when we lifted our hands to the sky, and got to say hello to the CLE skyline when we prayer twisted or moved into warrior two. The best thing was that you could even hear the music from the Parisian fair happening a block away. Truly calming.

I’m in this photo, top right. Gray bottoms with magenta and white tank. 🙂

I will definitely be making a point to getting to this as much as I can this summer.

I think why this weekend was so amazing because I was not only incredibly active, but I did things I truly enjoy. I can’t wait to have more weekends like this one this summer.

How did you spend your weekend?

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