What a fantastic weekend!

Summer officially started this past Saturday. And I can honestly say the first weekend of summer was FANTASTIC!

My weekend in photos:


I kicked off the first day of summer with my first 5k of the year.


Running with a Mission at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. It was my first race at the zoo, but I knew it would be a hilly course. Two laps of the zoo meant one ginormous hill ran walked up twice. But what goes up must come down, so the down hill was refreshing and much welcomed especially to finish. The weather was overcast, cool but muggy. It started to sprinkle right before the gun went off, but it stopped before reaching the first mile marker. I saw many familiar faces at the race, which was nice since I decided the day before to register. There was also a special guest roaming the crowd right before the start.


I was happy with the pace I ran and finished in 33:42 (10:43/mile). I haven’t been consistently running and my average pace was under 11 min/mile so I’ll take it.


Post race I treated myself to a bomb pop because it was so muggy and I knew it would help cool me down.


They also had bananas, apples, nature valley bars and kind bars. I was super happy that they had Kind Bars because they are super yummy but made with natural ingredients. I chatted a while after the race with my friends John and Lisa. But I had to leave so I could make it to Crossfit on time.

I got to Crossfit a few minutes late, but I ended up being the only one to show up for Birdtown Crossfit’s community WOD, so one of the coaches did the workout with me. It was hard and tiring, but I felt amazing afterwards.



How I felt after back to back workouts.

After I showered and refueled, I headed to the beach to try my hand at searching for beach glass.
This is what I found on my first time out


Saturday ended with a long over due roomie dinner and drinks. We grabbed dinner from The Fever in Oberlin and took our grub to Matus Winery to enjoy the fabulous weather.


After getting to sleep in for the first time in what felt like forever, I did some grocery shopping and then went off to Hingetown in Ohio City for some rooftop yoga with Sarah from Inner Bliss Yoga as a part of Harness Cycle‘s community yoga.



This view was awesome! Looking at Lake Erie when we lifted our hands to the sky, and got to say hello to the CLE skyline when we prayer twisted or moved into warrior two. The best thing was that you could even hear the music from the Parisian fair happening a block away. Truly calming.

I’m in this photo, top right. Gray bottoms with magenta and white tank. 🙂

I will definitely be making a point to getting to this as much as I can this summer.

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The long lost race recap

The Medical Mutual Glass City half marathon was 16 days ago. And as the CLE half marathon is 5 days out, I figure now is better than never to give a recap on my first spring half marathon of the season.

After an AMAZING final long run before the race, I was excited to crush Toledo. Unfortunately, as the week began, my allergies began to flare up. A flare up turned into a head cold! Not good! Not being able to nip the cold in the bud, I was forced to rest all week and not do any final short taper runs. My focus the week leading into the race was to get healthy and be able to run the race. I was NOT going to let a stupid cold ruin 12 weeks of hard work!

Come Saturday, I was feeling a little better, but still had a stuffy head. When I woke up I did two shots of nasal spray. Then I took some cold medicine with breakfast, and then right before my nap I took my daily allergy medicine. I decided to go back to bed and rest for a few more hours before I had to head west.   When I got up to shower after my nap, I felt a little off. As I was in the shower, I was working myself up about not being healthy enough to run and started freaking out that I would have a DNF.  A mild anxiety attack in the shower and too much meds, I had a moment where I thought I wasn’t going to be able to race. I started seeing colored spots, felt woozy and got too hot from my shower. I got out of the shower immediately and laid down. After laying down for a bit I felt better and went back into the bathroom to finish drying off and get ready. But then I got a rush of the same feeling again and I had to go lay back down. This was NOT good! I was really scared at that point because I could see a DNF becoming a true reality.  Luckily after laying down for a second time, I felt better. I decided I needed to get ready, get some food and get on the road. I decided that I would not pack any cold medication or nasal spray to take with me because I did not want another episode.

Once I got some food in my stomach and got on the road I felt much better.

Fast forward to Sunday morning.

I was lucky enough to stay with my friend Taylor who lives in Toledo and pretty close to UT campus. She was running the 5k so everything worked perfectly! We got to the campus in plenty of time and found parking pretty close to the stadium (the start/finish line). It was pretty chilly and windy, but I knew once the sun came up it would warm up a little bit. We walked around to keep warm, talked with some members of the local media that my friend knows (she is a badass crime reporter for the Toledo Blade). After using the facilities, it was time to line up in my assigned corral and wait for the start of the race. I was excited but definitely nervous because I hadn’t run in a week due to being sick. But once the gun went off, my nerves subsided and I took off with the other half marathoners and marathoners.

The way out was definitely chilly because we were running into the wind. I had on a long sleeve shirt I planned on ditching once my body temperature got warmer. I ended up holding onto it until the 5k mark. Around mile 2, my left knee started to ache. I wasn’t happy about this happening so early in the race, but I tried to push it out of my mind and clip on at the good pace I started out on. But after the 5k mark and ditching my long sleeved shirt, I stopped to walk brief. My knee pain wasn’t subsiding and I knew I was going to have to race smart to make it to the finish without completely injuring myself.

At the 10k mark, I again stopped to walk more to relieve my knee. It felt like it was swollen to the size of a softball. It didn’t look so, but it definitely felt like it. I kept my thoughts positive and told myself run when you can and walk when you have to. This race was all about crossing the finish line and not pounding out a PR.

The runners and race supporters were awesome! They helped keep my mood up and helped the miles go by quickly. The course was relatively flat, with a few rolling hills through some pretty awesome neighborhoods and through the metropark.

Around mile 12, I saw my friend Taylor chatting with some firemen. I was surprised and excited to see her. I yelled to her “My knees hate me right now” and she responded back “but I love you!” That made me smile and helped me push forward. I approached closer to the campus of UT and could start to see the top of the stadium, I recognized fellow blogger Emily ahead of me. I was determined to catch up to her and say hi since I did not have a chance to meet her in person prior to the race. I caught up with her when she stopped to walk briefly. I ran up beside her and said “let’s go Emily” and we ran together the rest of the way into the stadium and across the finish line. I finished 2 minutes faster than I did in Akron last fall. A successful race despite the knee pain. My pace in the beginning of the race helped me finish in the time I did, and made up for my slower pace on the second half of the course.

After collecting my medal and taking my finisher photo, I was in search of the medical tent. I wanted ice and ibuprofen for my knee. I could not find a marked medical tent around, so after grabbing a finisher’s bag, water and a banana, I decided getting a massage would be the next best thing. I waited in line for almost 25 minutes, but it was worth the wait and the shivering. The sports masseuse was awesome! He really focused on my left leg since that’s where my knee pain was, but was extra careful around my knee. I hadn’t ever received a post race massage before because the thought of someone touching me as I’m sweaty, salty and just gross after 13.1 didn’t sound appeasing. However, it was definitely the right decision. I was able to walk a lot better afterward. When I got back to my friend’s house, I took ibuprofen, iced my knees and took a nice hot shower.

Taylor took me to an awesome local diner for brunch and we chowed down on some AWESOME food!


Oreo pancakes, turkey bacon and chocolate milk!





Food smashed!


Overall, the Glass City half marathon was a GREAT race! It was well organized, the course was lovely and the weather was awesome! I highly recommend it if you are looking for a new spring race!


5 days and counting until my next half marathon. I am definitely nervous. I took the entire week off from running after my first half. I wanted to let my body, especially my knees, recover. I got in tons of cross training– cross fit, boot camp, spinning and yoga.

Last week I got in a total of 14 miles. I ran 6 miles on Saturday as a mini long run. I wanted to run 8, but 6 is what Celina and I ran. Celina ran the Indy Mini the weekend after I ran Toledo and we are running the CLE half together. It will be the first time for both of us running two big races within a short period of time.

The plan for CLE is to run smart. In the past, CLE has traditionally been warmer than earlier spring races which dictates the pace I run at. However, I’m hoping with the cooler forecasted weather and feeling much healthier, I can run a great race like I did in Toledo minus the knee pain and hopefully shave a few more minutes off my time. But my main goal is to have fun and actually enjoy CLE. My past experiences with this race haven’t left me with the best post race feeling, so I’m looking to change that this year.

Here’s to another 13.1!

It’s here! Medical Mutual Glass City half marathon week!

The last three weeks of training have flown by! I can’t believe I’m tapering this week! After an awesome 10 mile run, and then all the excitement and inspiration the Boston Marathon provided me with today, I am PUMPED for my 7th half marathon this weekend.


(Source) Seriously, how can this not inspire and make you proud to be an American and a runner?


Last week’s training was awesome! I felt like everything was clicking and I was peaking at just the right time. I had a KILLER run Tuesday which accidentally turned into an unintended speed workout. It being the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, I decided to dedicate my run to those who did not survive, those who did and all those who would be running the race on April 21 (today). Even though I completely fell apart on mile 3, I did not quit and cranked out my fastest mile in almost two years!


After such an epic run on Tuesday, I was hoping Thursday’s 5 mile run would be just as great. It wasn’t by any means, but I still logged 5 miles, about 1 min/mile slower than Tuesday. I wasn’t going to let that discourage me and affect my final long run on Saturday.

I went to Indiana over Easter weekend to visit family, so my final long run would be done in my hometown. Fort Wayne did not have much in the way of bike paths/towpath/multipurpose trails while growing up there. But in the past 7 years since I’ve lived here, they’ve really stepped up their game and built an amazing series of multi-purpose trails that connect all over the city. After asking a girl I met in college who I knew was a runner for advice on the best place to run 5 miles out and back, she immediately recommended the towpath trail. Luckily it was within 10 minute drive from my dad’s house. I scoped out the trail online prior to leaving for Indiana and mapped out in my head where I would have to park and how far out on the trail I’d have to run out before turning around. The only thing that made me nervous was that there was not a bathroom or water fountain between the two points I was running. The lack of bathroom didn’t concern me as much as not having a water stop on the path. I only carry one hand held bottle with me that carries about 12 oz. of water. I would just have to conserve my water to stretch out over the entire 10 miles.  

I got up Saturday morning at 6am, before the sun was up. I left my dads house and it was slowly starting to get light. As I took off at a few minutes before 7 am, it was COLD! I anticipated that 40 degrees to start so I just packed a tshirt and capris. Although it was 40 degrees at 7am, the real feel temperature was 30. Yeah, a light long-sleeve tee would have been nice, especially since I had a chilly headwind out the first 5 miles. I started on the trail that winds through the hospital campus and then crosses over a busy road (well actually highway) and then goes down behind medical buildings and assisted living homes and on the other side is a nature preserve. I was able to watch the sun rise after my watch beeped for mile 1–10:42. Eeep! Way too fast for this long run. I had to tell myself to slow down. 

After I crossed another busy road (thankful for stop lights and pedestrian crossing), I ran along a short boardwalk over the North Eagle Marsh and saw this beautiful sight! I had to stop and take a picture (sometimes in life things are so amazing you have to capture it so you can remember it later :)).


The trail was so nice! I everything was marked well, especially every time I had to cross a road! There wasn’t a ton to look at since it went through marsh land, but it was peacefully and I felt AWESOME! I passed a group of ladies running a little past mile 4. I was quite surprised I didn’t come across more runners that early since I’m so used to it here in NEO, but my guess was that part of the towpath wasn’t as busy with runners early like other trails may be. After I hit the 5 mile turnaround point (which is about where I thought it would be), I stopped to stretch briefly and took a small suck on my Gu pouch. Even though it was my preferred flavor (peanut butter) I had a hard time choking it down. Luckily I had put a few Starburst jelly beans in my Spi Belt to use as fuel so I could use those a few miles later. Around mile 7, my knees were starting to ache but I was focused to keep going and keep my walk breaks to a minimum. I’ve learned the more I walk, the more my knees hurt when I go to run again. My pace was about where I wanted it to be between 11-11:30. I had one really slow mile, but I couldn’t get mad at myself because I felt AMAZING while running. The last two miles were the toughest, but I kept the positive thoughts going in my head and out loud to push me through. After completing 10 miles 5 minutes before 9:00 a.m., I was on cloud nine! The runner’s high I got from my final long run was unlike any I’ve gotten before while training for a big race. 

The past three weeks, I have made some changes to my lifestyle that have made some significant difference to my training. (Keep a look out for a separate blog post about that ;-))

I have such a good feeling about Sunday and can’t wait to run in the Glass City!

Week 11 by the numbers:

Monday: 60 minute bootcamp

Tuesday: 5 mile run (inside–stupid snow and cold)

Wednesday: 60 minute bootcamp

Thursday: 5 mile run (outside)

Friday: rest/neighborhood walk

Saturday: 10 mile long run/2 dog walks

Sunday: rest


The week leading up to the race is always challenging for me. I want to remain active and stick to routine, but I know my body needs to rest, recover and prepare for Sunday. Its also the time where you’re short taper runs begin to mess with your head and crazy weird pains spring up everywhere. I just need to remind myself I’ve done everything I can to prepare myself for this race, trust my training and don’t freak out.


Do you get anxious during the week leading up to a big race during taper time? How do you deal with it?

Glass City half marathon training: weeks 6 & 7

Oh, hi! I didn’t forget about you blog! I know I didn’t recap week 6, but it wasn’t über exciting.

Week 6 by the numbers:
Monday: 60 min spin workout
Tuesday: 4 mile run outside
Wednesday: at home WOD (got sent home early due to crazy snow and had to cancel spin class)
Thursday: 4 mile run inside
Friday: 30 min swim. 1000 yds (250 kick board warm up; 500 yd breast stroke; 250 yd kick board cool down)
Saturday: Fight Gone bad WOD
Sunday: rest

Week 6 was a step back week for the long run, 5k. Totally skipped it. Was it a good idea? Maybe, maybe not. But my Saturday cross fit workout was a total ass-kicking so I think it was about the same.

Week 7:

This week weekday run mileage increased. Not a lot, just a half mile, but it makes planning a route to run outside kind of tricky.
My week day runs weren’t the best compared to weeks past. More knee pain and trouble finding my stride and pace. I’m thinking it has to do with getting used to running outside again after spending so much time training indoors. And my knees are definitely feeling the pain of pounding the pavement again. But I didn’t give up on my runs and used my music to push me through and pump me up.

I’ve been trying to do my long runs on Fridays so I can attend the community WOD at Birdtown Crossfit on Saturday mornings. This past Friday was gorgeous. Sunny and in the 40s. That morning I taught a spin class at 6am before being at work at 8. So that means waking up at 5am, a whole two hours earlier than I normally wake up during the week. I felt great all day until after lunch when the early wake up time started to take its affect and I got really tired. I still wanted to push through and get my 7 mile long run in. I set off from my house to begin my run. No joke, I ran a tenth of a mile before I stopped to walk. Seriously?! This can not be happening. I tried to run again and only went a short distance before I stopped to walk again. I just could t get my body to do what my mind wanted. I knew I couldn’t do this for 7 miles or I’d be really pissed and make for the longest run ever. By time I finished one mile, I decided that even though I wanted to do this run today, my body wasn’t having it. So, I turned around and headed back home. I walked most of that mile home, but ran in spurts. I ran the last .3 mile to the driveway (easy because it’s downhill). I was bummed I’d have to give up going to cross fit to get in 7 miles and run in temps colder than what Friday provided. But at the same time I was happy I listened to my body and gave it proper rest.

Saturday. I slept in until about 9. Got up and dressed to run. Ate toast and PB2, my typical pre-long run snack. It was cloudy, chilly and windy and about 34 degrees. It was a pretty run. I had knee pain, some kind of scary around mile 3 that made me take a walk break for a few minutes until I could run again without feeling any weird twinges in my right knee. This was the first long run this training cycle I took water and fuel with me. I took my Gu around the 45 min mark. However, I wish I would have taken it later because I felt like I was running on empty the last mile of my run. But these long runs are just practice for the big day, so I will have more fuel with me on eh course for sure.

Week 7:
Monday: boot camp at Debi’s Personal Training
Tuesday: 4.5 mile run outside
Wednesday: rest day
Thursday: 4.5 mile run outside
Friday: 45 min spin am/ 2 mile run/walk
Saturday: 7 miles
Sunday: rest

Total mileage: 18 miles



Thursday’s run and fun tights and shoe combo

These past two weeks have been rough. I’ve felt like my progress has slid backwards. This week I’m hoping to get back moving forward in the progression department.

I made this the wallpaper on my phone as a constant reminder to never give up.


Glass City half marathon training week 5

Five weeks down already?! Man, this training is flying by! April 27 will be here before I know it!

Last week’s training was definitely my saving grace. Everything else last week was pretty rough, so each day my workouts were my time to zone out and do work. 

Wednesday and Thursday were the worst days of the week for me, so fueling my body was very challenging. It was hard for me to get the proper food I needed because my stomach was not having it. 

Thursday’s run was definitely not pretty by any means. Knowing I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted, I kept telling myself, “just get what miles you can in today. There is no sense hurting yourself since you don’t have the energy to go full out.” I was scheduled for four miles, but I felt if I could at least get two in that would be better than not running at all. The first two miles were rough. But as I completed my second mile I told myself, just keep pushing, get one more mile in. The third mile was even tougher than the first two. Many walk breaks because I couldn’t get my mind right to just zone out and run, plus I could start to feel the effects of my lack of food intake over the past two days set in. After I completed my third mile I just wanted to stop, go home and refuel. However, I knew that I  would be so disappointed that I stopped one mile short of what I planned. I decided to push myself even farther to finish that last mile. Exhaustion had set in by now and I was running on pure fumes. The last couple of laps I could start to feel myself get light-headed and dizzy if I stopped for a walk break, so that was motivation enough to keep running and stop to walk as little as possible. After finishing four miles, a whole four minutes slower than I ran them on Tuesday, I was completely spent but I was happy I pushed myself. It may not have been my fastest run, but it definitely was a “character building” run. 


Friday’s long run was AWESOME! I FINALLY got to run outside! 6 miles in the fresh air and on the pavement felt great! However, following the run my knees did not feel so great after suffering all the pounding on the pavement it was not use to since I’ve been training inside on the treadmill or the indoor track so far. I’m hoping that the weather slowly starts to improve in the second half of my training so I can get outside more. 

Here is how last week’s training shaped up:

Monday: 40 minute swim

Tuesday: 4 mile run

Wednesday: taught a 50 min spin class

Thursday: 4 mile run

Friday: 6 mile long run

Saturday: Cross fit 60 min


Sunday: rest
Also, I am excited to announce that I won a free entry from Jessica for the Cleveland Marathon and will be running the half marathon on May 18! This is the first tIme I’ve ever run to longer distance races so close together, so I’d appreciate any advice to help keep me prepared after I run Toledo in April. 


Medical Mutual Glass City half marathon training weeks 3 and 4

So apparently I’m good at remembering every other week to recap my training. I promise I’ll have a better detailed weekly training recap next week *pinky promise*

Week 3:
Monday: 40 min swim and 50 min barre/Pilates class
Tuesday: 3.5 mile run on the indoor track
Wednesday: 50 min spin class
Thursday: 3.5 mile run on the indoor track
Friday: long run– 5 miles on the indoor track
Saturday: 1 hour cross fit
Sunday: 1 hour spin

Week 4:
Monday: unplanned rest day. I picked up a sports assignment to cover basketball.
Tuesday: 3.5 mile run on the indoor track; 30 min swim
Wednesday: tap class
Thursday: 3.5 mile run on the indoor track; 45 min boot camp
Friday: 50 min spin
Saturday: 5 mile long run; 1 hour cross fit
Sunday: rest

The three double workouts last week were tough, but I’m starting to see improvement in my running because of the cross training and double workouts. It’s definitely helping with my endurance. I thought I would just lay down and sleep the rest of Saturday after two hard back to back workouts but they helped keep me going through a crazy, busy day.

This week I’m planning for more time in the pool. I decided to swim yesterday since I wasn’t going to the barre/Pilates class. My legs were still sore from the weekend but the warm water felt nice to slip into with it being so cold outside and was nice on the legs. I am by no means a good swimmer (I mainly do kick work with the kick board and swim breast stroke since I suck at freestyle) but I know the more I work at it and do it, the better I’ll get and the easier it will be.

Glass City half marathon training weeks 1 and 2

The first two weeks of training went pretty well. I got all my runs in and got reacquainted with running multiple times a week. And since Mother Nature has been one heck of a mother … I’ve had to train my brain it get used to running on the treadmill. But by the second week, I was actually looking forward to running and enjoying my time on the mill (even though I was staring out the window dreaming of running outside in 50 degree temps)


Here is how my first two weeks of training went:

Week 1

Monday: Barre/Pilates class
Tuesday: 3 miles on TM
Wednesday: Taught spin class
Thursday: 3 miles on TM
Friday: Spin
Saturday: Crossfit
Sunday: 2.5 miles (long run got cut short bc time at the gym got cut short by the snow)

Total miles: 8.5

Week 2
Monday: rest day ( wasn’t planned but since I didn’t take one the previous week my body was screaming for one, plus I picked up a basketball game to cover for the paper)
Tuesday: 3 miles on TM
Wednesday: tap class + strength
Thursday: 3 miles on TM
Friday: (taught) Spin 45 min
Saturday: 4 mile long run (TM)
Sunday: 55 spin class at Psycle with Jess.

My rest day during the week is going to vary week to week depending on when I teach spin and choose to do my long run. I was bummed I didn’t do cross fit this last week but I didn’t crawl out of bed early enough to get miles in before the class. So this week I may end up doing my long run Friday afternoon so I can do cross fit on Saturday.

I’m feeling really good about being active every day during the week. I’m hoping the amount of cross training I’m doing will not only help improve my running but also keep me from getting injured.

What other activities do you include in your training?

First Crossfit experience

This past Saturday I got my first taste of a Crossfit workout in a traditional “box.” My friend Allie informed me of the community WOD (workout of the day) class at Birdtown Crossfit in Lakewood. Since I didn’t have to teach a spin class that morning, I was super pumped to try something new, and something I’ve been wanting to try for a while (just without the financial commitment).

Birdtown is located in the old Screw Factory in Lakewood. It’s basically this huge old building the size of a city block. It’s a really cool location for Crossfit. I was super excited to get in a great workout and do something out of the norm. I was a little nervous because I wasn’t sure how intimidating the environment would be.

But it was far from intimidating! Tricia, one of the coaches at Birdtown, was super friendly, positive and upbeat from the getgo. She had us circle up first thing and introduce ourselves, say if we’ve ever done Crossfit and if we had any fake parts. Surprisingly, there were several people who had done it before but for one reason or another hadn’t been attending in a while so came back to the fundamentals. But there were also a couple of “Crossfit virgins” (myself included) so that helped make the vibe of the group even less intimidating.

We started off by warming up. Jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups and a 200m run. Which basically was a nice little run out of the box and through the hallways of the third floor of the building.

After we warmed up, we learned some Crossfit skills. First thing were box jumps. I had heard of these before and knew that it’s all mind over matter when it comes to doing this skill. First we jumped on to a 12″ box, then a 16″ and finally a 20″ box. Each time Tricia told us to step up on the box first then back down, and the second time to jump onto the box. 12″ box was easy-peasy. 16″ was easy as well. When it came to the 20″ box I wasn’t feeling very confident. Standing only 64 inches tall all I could picture myself was crashing shins first into the box. After I did my step up then down, I stood in front of the box and thought for a little to long. When I attempted to jump I couldn’t get my legs to do what my brained wanted it to. Tricia encouraged me to try jumping onto the 16″ box again. I did that with confidence twice. Then I just walked over to the 20″ box and stood by it watching everyone else practice box jumps. Tricia then asked me if I made the jump on the 29″ box. I shook my head, but then did my step up. Once I stepped back down, I regained me stance and then BAM! I was standing on top of the 20″ box. I just had to jump and not stand there and think about it. I was glad I was able to conquer the jump (and my fear) but did not feel comfortable doing that tall box during the workout. Tricia advised that I use the 16″ box for the workout.
Next came push presses. Which are basically standard standing press with dumbbells with a little squat.
And then we reviewed various ways to modify push-ups.

Now, onto the workout.

200m run
6 box jumps
8 push presses
10 push-ups
AMRP (as many rounds possible)
14 minutes

This workout didn’t seem impossible, but I knew it was going to be challenging.
When we all took off on our run, many people took off really fast, like in road racing. I did too, but quickly came to realize by the time that I made it to the turn around point on the run, I wasn’t going to be able to maintain this pace then go complete the other skills. So I scaled back my pace a bit. When I got back into the box, I immediately went to the 16″ box to do my box jumps. After doing the first one just stepping up, my legs and brain couldn’t coordinate together with all the adrenaline running through my body, so I moved down to the 12″ box. Next came 8 push presses using 10lb dumbbells (which I realized when I put them away I was given one 10lb and one 12lb). Knocked those out and then did 10 push ups against the box. One round down. Man, I was huffing pretty hard, but I knew there was plenty of time left for me to knock out several more rounds. As I ran back out of the box for the 200m run, it was nice to hear cheers from friends (Allie and Heather).

As I completed each round, I used my run to try and recoup and get my breathing under control. But I noticed that running was the hardest part of the workout because it got harder each round to run it as fast as you can push out the skills.

At the end of 14 minutes I had completed 5 total rounds. After completing round one, I told myself that my goal was to complete four total. So I was definitely proud of myself for pushing beyond me goal.

Immediately after the workout ended, I felt tired but as I caught my breathe and drank water, I slowly began to feel energized.

I left Birdtown with this amazing high (equivalent to a runner’s high after finishing a race). And this high and energy stuck around for most of the day. It helped me get a lot of errands and chores done Saturday afternoon. It was a great feeling because it’s one I haven’t gotten from exercising in a while.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Birdtown and will frequent the Community WOD every Saturday I can.

When was the last time you tried out a new workout class/program? How did it live up to your expectations?

2014- A fresh start

In 2013, I definitely fell off the wagon when it came to this blog. It was definitely a roller coaster of a year, so this blog got thrown to the wayside amidst everything. But I told myself that when I got my iPad for Christmas I was going to start blogging regularly in 2014. One post a week. It could be a post about anything– training, struggles or successes of the week, or just some random post about anything not necessarily about running, fitness, health or diet. I just wanted to start back writing again.

I was a little hesitant about putting my goals for the new year out here they say if you put it writing and out for everyone to see it will help make you more accountable.) because I didn’t want this to be a cliche “New Years resolution” post. Thus why I used the word “goal” because I plan on succeeding at almost all that I have set out for myself.

For the first time in a long time my main goal is not to set out to lose body weight. My biggest goal will be to shed a big portion of my financial debt. It’s definitely going to be very tough because I’m a girl and love to shop, but I know it will only benefit me in the long run. Aaron actually asked me on our way back from Christmas in Indiana if I wanted to do the 52-week savings challenge with him, so we each will put back a little bit of money every week in 2014 so by the end of the year we have a nice little savings to take a vacation the following year or whatever our hearts desire.

– Get my running back up to par. I struggled in 2013 with my running. My stamina, endurance and speed depleted following my marathon in 2012. I really want to work on gaining that back and be able to run simple distances again without stopping first and then work back on my speed. I know I need to step out of my comfort zone and put my pride aside and start running with people who are faster than me. I know that’s how you get faster by running with others who challenge you. I’ve always been intimidated to run with certain runners I admire because I feel like I could never keep up and would only hold them back. I know I need to change my thinking and push myself. I know I want to run two half marathons this fall that are within a month of each other ( Fort 4 Fitness and Columbus half marathon). So my plan is to do a trial run this spring by running the Glass City half marathon and then another local half about a month later (most likely the Medina half). I know the most important thing for me to be able to achieve this is to continue running after the first race and not take a break before I start training for the fall race. Consistency will be the key to succeeding and achieving this goal.

– Maintain a healthy and consistent eating lifestyle. Notice I did not say diet. People tend to use the word diet when they plan on doing something short term. That’s not my plan. I really want to take back control over how I think and relate to food and use it to fuel my body properly instead of using it as an emotional escape or find comfort in it. I plan on utilizing the My Fitness Pal app to track exactly what I’m eating to make me more accountable about my food choices.
Fellow runner and friend Christian came up with an online weight loss challenge via Facebook to help people who want to lose weight in the new year to put their money where their mouth is. I contemplated with doing on my own but really didn’t know if I wanted to cough up the $50 to be a part of it. Again, Aaron surprised me this week when he asked me if I wanted to do Christian’s challenge. I said yes (as long as he fronted my entry fee). Our plan is he worries about us getting to the gym (since he has a membership with unlimited guest passes) and I’ll do the meal planning and preparing. I’m not sure how long he’ll keep up with it, but I know I’m gonna work my tail off to not only improve myself, but $1,000+ at the end of April in my pocket would be pretty sweet too. 🙂

Other things I’d like to achieve in 2014:
-Grow my photography business, A.Rose Photography
– Read more books
-Learn how to drive stick shift

What goals have you set for yourself in 2014?